Vision Screening for Children

July 19, 2017 shawneeoklions

Vision is part of the Lions Club Global Service Framework. Vision screening for children is especially significant to Tom Cummings, with the Lions Kidsight USA Foundation. Speaking about lazy eye, Cummings told Shawnee Lions Club members that “It’s almost criminal that we let kids get past age 6 without being screened and finding this potential problem and getting it corrected. That’s what we’re about.”


According to Cummings, poor vision contributes to poor performance in schools. “Up to 70 percent of children who are classified as slow learners have some type of eye issue. Well, they can’t see the board, so they may make poor use of their time because they get bored. They get labeled a troublemaker and moved to the back of the room. We have to find those kids and help them.”


Lions Clubs in Oklahoma have access to eye screening cameras that were purchased by the Lions Kidsight USA Foundation. These cameras can be taken to preschools, day cares, and school systems. A simple picture from 3 feet from the camera can detect many eye problems that simply reading from a chart cannot. Lazy Eye, unequal pupils, eye turn, drooping eyelids, and cataracts can all be detected by the camera in addition to vision problems such as nearsightedness. farsightedness, and astigmatism.


The Shawnee Lions Club can gain access to a vision screening camera when necessary, but it must be used in a group setting such as a preschool, day care, or school system. The target age for the vision screening is 6 months to 6 years of age. Local screenings can be scheduled free of charge. Potential eye problems detected by the camera still need to be followed up by an eye doctor. Those interested in hosting a free eye screening scheduled should contact the Shawnee Lions Club. If you are not in the Shawnee, Oklahoma area, we can put you in touch with your local Lions Club, or you can contact your local Lions Club directly.