Shawnee High School Project Graduation

March 30, 2017 shawneeoklions

Project Graduation is an organized post high school graduation party that provides students a safe and fun place to celebrate their graduation. It is both alcohol-free and drug-free.  Students can expect a night filled with games, entertainment, food, gifts, and door prizes.

Project Graduation representative Daniel Shaughnessy provided details to  Shawnee Lions about the upcoming event as well as a brief history. In 1980, there was a community initiative in the Oxford Hills area of Maine to provide a safe environment for students to celebrate. According to Shaughnessy, In prior years, there had been 11 counted deaths that were attributable to activities after graduation. The event was a success and soon spread across the country. Parents and community members in Shawnee have been putting together a beautiful night of activities for it’s graduating seniors since 1995.

“There’s always a lot of food. Each hour the food is renewed for the students. Some might like the pizza pizza when they show up, but others might like the tacos that get served at midnight. Others might like the concession stuff  like the popcorn and the hot dogs that come out at 1.  Each year there’s different food depending on the involvement of the community.”

Daniel Shaughnessy educates Shawnee Lions Club Members about the history of Project Graduation and it’s importance to the Shawnee Community.

Project Graduation is funded by community donations.  Local businesses and community members donate food as well as items to give as gifts or as door prizes. The Shawnee Lions Club donated $200 to benefit the 2017 event.

Lion Barry Fogerty presents Shawnee High School Students Madison Gates and Fhionna Shaughnessy with a check to benefit Project Graduation.