Each Lions Club around the world is tasked with serving its local community.  The Global Service Framework places special emphasis on 5 areas of service:

Diabetes syringe pills


Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, and limb amputations.  The World Health Organization estimates that in 1980 there were 108 million people diagnosed with diabetes.  As of 2014, the number grew to 422 million.

Lions Clubs hold local Strides Walks and partner with other organizations to promote diabetes awareness.



A poor environment can lead to disease and have other negative impacts on people's health.  It can also lead to contaminated food, water, and air.

Lions Clubs plant trees, promote recycling, and help clean up local communities to promote a healthy environment.



In the United States, hunger relief may be thought of as an issue only with other countries.  However, 1 in 4 Oklahoma children is at risk of going to bed hungry, and 1 in 16 Oklahoma seniors (age 60+) struggle with hunger according to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap 2011 Report and AARP’s Food Insecurity Among Older Adults August 2011 Report.

Shawnee Lions and Leos have volunteered time with the Community Market of Pottawatomie County.

Pediatric Cancer


According to Lions Clubs International (LCI), "Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and less than half of the world’s children have access to effective care. Children who survive cancer are often left with debilitating effects that can impact their physical development and ability to learn.

Lions and Leos are answering the call to expand access to life saving treatment and support the children and families who need us most. We are working to give children with cancer a second chance at life."



For nearly 100 years, Lions Club members have worked on projects designed to prevent blindness, restore eyesight, and improve eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The Shawnee Lions Club collects used eyeglasses, funds eye exams and glasses, and has access to a an eye screening camera.

The Shawnee Lions Club is actively seeking members to help meet the needs outlined in the Global Service Framework.


The Shawnee Lions Club needs volunteers who have a desire to serve in the Shawnee Community.  Do you have an interest in any of the 5 service areas outlined in the Global Service Framework (Diabetes, the environment, hunger relief, pediatric cancer, and vision)?  What about just a desire to serve and give back?  If so, Contact Us for further details.


  • Participate in or organize a Strides Walk to raise awareness for Diabetes
  • Host the Oklahoma Lions Mobile Health Screening Unit
  • Participate in the Pottawatomie County Blue Zones Project
  • Work with the Shawnee Beautification Committee to plant a tree
  • Mow, edge, pick up trash, and maintain Lions Club Park
  • Volunteer time at the Community Market
  • Organize or volunteer for a canned food drive
  • Host a Children's Symposium
  • Give stuffed animals to children with Cancer
  • Organize or volunteer for an Eye Screening Event at a local school or day care
  • Collect eyeglasses from donation boxes around town
  • Help children make crazy eyeglasses at Arts Trek
  • Bring Your Own Ideas