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Staying Informed
The Shawnee Lions Club has weekly meetings at Golden Corral in Shawnee, Oklahoma each Thursday at noon. Each meeting has a time for planning club projects, and a special guest speaker educates club members about important community events and programs.
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Arts Trek
Every April, the Shawnee Lions Club sets up an eyeglass donation booth at Arts Trek, a Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art event on the campus of St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Children are encourage to make a pair of crazy glasses at the craft table.2014-04-12 10.17.12

Recycle for Sight
Eyeglass donation boxes are set up throughout the Shawnee, Oklahoma area. The Shawnee Lions Club supports the Lions Club International Recycle for Sight Program.
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Lions Club Park
The Shawnee Lions Club assists the City of Shawnee, Oklahoma in maintaining Lions Club Park.
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Bowl for Kids Sake
The Shawnee Lions participate in Bowl for Kids Sake, an annual benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters
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Meadows of Hope
Each April, The Shawnee Lions Club participates in the Annual Lions Club Meadows of HopeĀ Golf Benefit. Formerly the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch, the Lions Meadows of Hope is now a licensed foster care community providing family homes for sibling groups and boys and girls of all ages at its campus located in Perkins, Oklahoma.2014-04-22 08.43.03

Chili Feast
The Annual Chili Feast is the largest fundraiser for the Shawnee Lions Club. All money raised by the club from the chili feast and other fundraisers goes towards club service projects.
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Chuck Wagon
The Chuck Wagon is an annual event for Lions Club Members, families, and friends. It is a family friendly event with great food and entertainment2014-10-21 19.10.31

Shawnee High School
Shawnee Lions Club members volunteer to run the concession stand at a Shawnee High School Basketball Game.
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Shawnee Air Show
Lions Club members serve breakfast at the Shawnee Air Show
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We Serve
There are always opportunities for members to have new and unique experiences as they continue to serve.
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New Programs!
New Lions Club Projects being planned include a LEO Club for youth ages 12-18 and a team to build wheelchair ramps for homes. The LEO Club will be forming soon, and the club is currently gathering materials and looking for a location to build and assemble the ramps.